Thursday, June 18, 2015

Betting on the Rat.#38

Who did I pick to kill Chuck?  Even these two guys have no idea, they will soon be heroes.  Great drama!  And in the end my cancer dies. 

 Actually we have been killing off that slime bag monster who resides inside my stomach for the last three weeks. 

Yes, for the last three weeks I have been undergoing radiation and  chemotherapy.  Zapping that monster with some sort of gigantic ray gun and frying him where he lives.  Such a pleasure, knowing what we are doing to him, on his long painful spiral of Death!

Along with the Radiation has been the Chemo treatments where they pump my body with all sorts of strange drugs to poison the puss filled monster until he withers up and dies a slow painful death of poison and radiation.  We are fighting back!

At times laying on that table as that big thing moves back and forth over me, I have felt much like a victim of an alien abduction or from a scene from the much remade movie, WAR OF THE WORLDS. 

Maybe I have seen way too many SCI FI movies in the last 60 plus years but is that really possible?  Too many Sci Fi movies?

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