Friday, June 19, 2015

Feed Me! I'm Hungry! #39

      I really think I need to talk to Bill on his forgetfulness.
 Oh, that ought to get his attention.
 Maybe that is all they needed to do in Jaws.
  I have a bad feeling this is going to be a replay
 of the end of the movie JAWS.

Remember Chuck's Pet Space Shark 
that likes to beg for scraps of food 
from this very same row boat? 
Isn't it cute,
 he thinks it is treat time and wants to 
play for his treats.  

Also please remember that Chuck is in an open row boat, paddling from his pirate ship on command from Darth Vader 100 miles to the Star Ship Enterprise. In an open row boat.  I wonder if NASA never thought of using 100 guys to paddle their rockets to the space station?  Sort of like the Viking did to discover America.  Think of the money we could save using man power instead of rocket power.

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