Monday, June 15, 2015

Row Row Row yer boat... #35

 In this epic story like in the movie Star Wars and the TV Show, Star Trek, pure science has nothing to do with a great story.  You and I know there are no such things as a wooden pirate ship flying through outer space powered by solar winds, and there is no way Darth Vader would make General Chuck row an row boat from the Pirate Ship, Flying Scotsman, to the Star Ship Enterprise.  There is no way one could survive in outer space without a space suite, at least not humans and in reality.
 But since I am the co-writer along with my dingy other self Bill, we can make anything happen.  So for the next couple days Chuck is going to be rowing his wooden row boat as fast as his blubbery body can move it in an attempt to catch up with the stationary Star Ship Enterprise. Never mind that the distance between the pirate ship and the Enterprise is about 100 miles, in an open row boat..Who thinks up this demented crap anyway?  Bill make note to take your medicine tomorrow.
One one last thing as Columbo would say, let us not forget about Charlie the Space Shark.  The crew feeds him from that row boat and right now he is circling the row boat expecting to be fed tomorrow.  Oh Darn, Bill forgot to put any food or water in the row boat.  Bill we really need to talk about you forgetting stuff like emergency rations in the row boat, it could cause problems for Chuck really soon......

A couple weeks ago this is what the Millennium Falcon looked like & a few days ago it appeared all nice and clean in a recent comic page.  No one mentioned this new clean appearance.  No, we did not take it to a local car wash to clean it up, that would be illogical.  They ran into an Astro shower and now it is all nice and clean.

All nice and clean.

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