Sunday, June 28, 2015

Disgusting little boys # 48

It looks like Bill misspelled the word Loogies, need to talk to him at the next motivation meeting down in the dungeon.

I am not sure what the young kids call "Loogies"  today but back when I was a kid a "Loogie" was the green slime one one would spit on the play ground to gross out the girls.  Tough guys spit on the ground, right?  Baseball players used to do it before they banned chewing tobacco in the ball parks.  If Babe Ruth did it, the little boys would do it, of course little boys did not chew tobacco, so they spit other stuff.  Of course it is disgusting and that is why little boys do anything.  When I was a kid of the 1950's, the more disgusting the act the more fun it would be.
I am sure little boys who are brought up in our new and improved P C world would never think of spitting flem on the play ground to gross out the little girls.....Actually some things will always be the same.

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